Late May 7 p.m. 24x36 oil on canvas

Late May 7 p.m. 24×36 oil on canvas


Oil on Canvas


In awe of nature with its sometimes impossibly beautiful colors, I paint Wisconsin’s wild places and animals. I  live between the Milwaukee River and  a nature preserve.  With the palette of color and light, these paintings reflect what I have seen and felt in the woods, fields, shoreland, hills and kettles.    

People who view the paintings often say that they feel they have been to these places, too-  they feel they could be in the paintings.  I find the connection with nature soul-restoring.  It is a peaceful, private, quiet, or a bit mysterious place my work gravitates to rather than the “might” of nature.  I am probably filling a need to find peace, privacy and quiet in my life which includes  a busy job in the city of Milwaukee.  My comfort since early childhood has been the company of trees.

The last few years I have been especially interested in light.  The paints I use are mineral-based oils. They come from the earth elements and lend their color to nature.  My background is in illustration- watercolor, an experience I use in thin layering and literal translation of my feelings and the subject.

 In these times when our natural spaces need our protection more than ever, I hope these paintings are a connection, a reminder that on this Earth we are all as one.


Ellen Anderson: 

Wisconsin Nature: Oils on Canvas
Ellen Anderson
January 2019
The Soup House
324 E. Michigan Street  Milwaukee
7th Annual Member’s Exhibit, Cedarburg Artist’s Guild
Jan 25-Mar 10, 2019 
Cedarburg Cultural Center 
W62 N546 Washington Street, Cedarburg WI
Wisconsin Oils:  Ellen Anderson
May, June 2019
Firefly Gallery
Wauwatosa Public Library
7635 W North Avenue  Wauwatosa, WI
Ellen Anderson: Open Studio Weekend! Cedarburg Artist’s Guild
Covered Bridge Tour Oct 11-13  2018
12739 NE Shoreland Drive Mequon WI
Great time to see my studio and painting in person!

11 published children’s books: illustration, including:

Kohl’s Building Blocks/Penfield Childen’s Center children’s books by Rebecca Michelsen and Stephanie Shabangu about understanding differences 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, by Sharon Mehdi, published by Penguin Putnam; AmericanTop 50 Best Seller on initial printing; a book about women and girls causing peace on earth.  Available on Amazon

Mother Makes a Mistake by Ann Dorer, published by Gareth Stevens Publications, 3 printings

Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington, by Barbara Behm;

Mr. Lincoln Goes to Hollywood, by Barbara Behm; more in fun Dachshund series to come…

Tears of Joy, by Barbara Behm

The Great Getaway by Olga Cossi, published by Gareth Stevens Publications

I’ve got Peanut Butter in my Hair by Jean Ann von Rohr

Also books for Avon, the ELCA, Penfield Children’s Center and more.

Commissioned Art:

National Wildlife Federation

Blue Mound Graphics

And many more.

Greetings Art for Ellen Anderson Illustrations 1989-2004

Ellen Anderson grew up in  Illinois as 1 of 5 children.  In Deerfield she enjoyed the original forest area around River Woods.  In Barrington, home was a farm setting with open fields, an old climbing orchard, and outdoor adventure.  Ellen received her BFA from Rockford University, Rockford IL.  Most of her adult life has been in Wisconsin, where she  resides on the Milwaukee River with her partner and two dachshunds.  

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